How to Eat More Vegetables

As much as I keep saying to eat more vegetables (I know, I say it a lot…), I know it can be hard. Days go by where I realize I haven’t eaten a vegetable till dinnertime. Fruit is, for me at least, easy to sub in for a snack or have on the side of a meal, but veggies! It can be really easy to avoid them altogether.  Here are 10 ways to make veggies more tasty and sneak them in!

First, vegetables just aren’t as sweet and delicious as fruit or easily whipped up like other things. Also, #truth, many people just don’t like them. 

I just read some research the other day that made me excited though. Apparently, if you eat more vegetables, especially the bitter ones which people love to hate, your taste buds actually change. They’ll start to produce different enzymes, and the actual taste of the vegetables will taste better. How cool is that? So keep at it and give broccoli another chance. 

You can also try cooking vegetables in a new way. Hands up if your parents always boiled spinach and carrots and it was soggy, tasteless, and disgusting? 

Well there’s good news. Vegetables can taste way better if you roast them or sautee them. The sugars in them start to caramelize and sweeten. Bonus: steaming, roasting and sauteing keeps vitamins and minerals in your vegetables, while boiling zaps them away, so it’s a win win. 

Here are 10 ways sneak in more vegetables:

  • Add vegetables, like peppers, onions, or spinach to scrambled eggs or omelettes

  • Try a green smoothie

  • Eat more soup. It’s easy to make one pot of vegetable soup and serve it throughout the week for lunch or dinner, or freeze individual portions

  • Use vegetable sticks for dips instead of chips

  • Twirl vegetables into noodles, which are lower in calories and higher in nutrients

  • Make lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches

  • Add a handful of greens onto your sandwich

  • Bring a salad to work

  • Make extra vegetables at dinner so you’ll have a side for tomorrow’s lunch

  • Roast or sauté vegetables for better favor and crunch

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