Your Excuses-Proof Yoga Plan

Okay, maybe you’ve thought you should try yoga. You’ve heard about all the great health benefits, and you personally can barely touch your toes, but the idea of trying to keep up with a pack of synchronized yogis is enough to send you booking it back to your warm cozy couch. Or maybe you already LOVE yoga, but your local studios either don’t have times that work for your schedule or they’re so packed you spend half the time in downward dog analyzing your neighbor’s chipped pedicure.


    My personal fav:  I’ve been using this site for over two years and it just keeps getting better. For the cost of about one studio class a month, you get unlimited classes and tutorials at all levels of practice. Always wanted to learn crow pose? Check. No idea what all the names of those breathing exercises are at the beginning of class? Grab a tutorial. And whether you’re a complete newb or can do handstands in your sleep, there’s a class for you. (If you’re a handstander check out Dice’s classes.)

    Here are my personal favorite classes. I tend to like vinyasa yoga more, and like to move, but try out a bunch of styles and see what works for you!

For Newbs:

Vinyasa for Beginners by Stephanie Snyder

Get Comfortable with the Basics by Kathryn Budig

First Timer's Flow by Carole Westerman

Well-Rounded Flow by Stephanie Snyder

Beginner Challenge Flow by Stephanie Snyder

For a Quick Sweat:

Full flow on the Go by Kathryn Budig

Practice to Help You Get Through Your Day by Jason Crandell

Fire Starter by Noah Maze

Engergizing Flow by Kathryn Budig

For Hips:

Fluid Hip & Hamstring Flow by Stephanie Snyder

Hips & Hamstrings Flow by Kathryn Budig

Fresh Hips! by Tiffany Cruikshank

Psoas Flow by Kathryn Budig

Open Your Hips for Lasting Change by Stephanie Snyder

For a Full Hour Sweat:

Forget the Story, Find Your Fire by Kathryn Budig

Breathe More, Tone Your Core by Claudine Lafond

New Perspective by Stephanie Snyder

Power Hour by Claire Missingham

Interval Flow by Tiffany Cruikshank

Stoke your Fire by Claudine Lafond

Build Heat, Open Your Heart by Stephanie Snyder

Get Your Flow On by Kathryn Budig

Set the Tone for the New Year by Jason Crandell

Holiday Heat by Kathryn Budig

Sweaty Flow to Wring Out Toxins by Kathryn Budig

Sweaty Fun Flow by Stephanie Snyder

For a Balanced Flow

Less is More Claudine Lafond

Better than Green Tea by Kathryn Budig

          Intermediate Flow by Stephanie Snyder

If you need a little more inspiration, here's what yoga can do for you. Yoga can help reduce stress, which can actually reduce your body's output of hormone cortisol which causes us to gain weight, especially in the dreaded belly area. It helps improve balance, flexibility, and strength. And yoga can even help reduce risk factors for chronic conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and insomnia.